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Top 10 places must visit in Marrakech




Marrakech is the city that epitomizes all the charms of Morocco and North Africa, and has given the name of the city the root of the name of the country itself, for the importance of this city throughout the ages. Within the hustle and bustle of the city center you will find the wonderful mix of old and new, which can make some tourists dizzy with over-beauty. Maghreb magic and traditional trade compete for tourists’ attention amidst a noisy and colorful atmosphere that sings in the vibrant spirit of Morocco. We will remind you, dear reader, of the best places of tourism in Marrakech, which include the best places to stay in Marrakech, the best places of entertainment in Marrakech.

As for shopping lovers in Marrakech, they should know that this city is known as an important trade center in Morocco. The buying and selling movement is highly bargaining. The traditional trade in Marrakech is superior to other Moroccan cities such as Rabat, Fez and Medina. Casablanca. For lovers of history, there are many museums and monuments that are part of the history of the country, which should not miss her visit as it is one of the tourist attractions and the best tourist places in Marrakech in general. For those who just want to dive into the local culture, the Old Town offers them all the Moroccan life of all kinds. Marrakech is also a gateway to the great Atlas area of ​​Morocco where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the beautiful nature, of course after doing several adventures in the charming city of Marrakech.



majourell gardens  majourell gardens1

When it comes time to relax in the busy Marrakech, Majorelle Park, a wonderful green oasis, is the perfect place. The park was named after the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who spent 40 years investigating this park after moving to Morocco. Although the garden is not very large in size but full of tropical tanks, waterfalls and magnificent flowers …




menara gardens

The gardens of Manara have gained local and tourist fame as it is a wonderful place to enjoy the atmosphere in the heart of Marrakech. The main purpose of the 12th century gardens was to provide a place for the population to devote to agriculture and crops as there are small gardens around a large lake. Today, however, the gardens have become an aesthetic space rich in trees. One of the best places to see the gardens is the “Manzah” used by the Sultan and his family at a historic stage.



saadiens tombs1

A magnificent historical tourist site where it was used as a burial place for the royal family and nobility for hundreds of years beginning with the 16th century. Another was buried in 1792 and these were neglected in 1917. The distinctive buildings and beautiful design are interesting Around the world.





There may be few traces of the Palace of Budaiya today, but it was as exquisite as in the past, where it was used in the construction of the most luxurious materials and used gold … The Sultan exchanged sugar with Italian stones to make columns, the palace had 360 rooms and a large number of wings but at the time Later the Sultan emptied the palace of much of its contents to remain the remains of the day alone witness to his greatness.



dar si said dar si said1

The Museum of Dar si Said (refered to HOUSE OF MR SAID) is one of the traditional luxury houses in the city of Marrakech, which was established in the second half of the 19th century by Said Ben Mousa, who served as Minister of War during the reign of Sultan Moulay Abdel Aziz.




60 years is the time it took to build this palace which is located in the old quarter of Marrakech. Combining its design and décor, it combines a striking blend of original Islamic and Moroccan architectural influences. Al Qasr today is home to world leaders visiting Morocco. For this reason, not all rooms are available to tourist visitors but some of the magnificent palace sections, especially the gardens, are available for tourism.


7 – LA MEDRESA (the school)


The Ben Youssef School, which was a Koran teaching school, was one of the largest centers of education in North Africa, with more than 900 students at one time. Today the school has become a historic tourist site characterized by its Spanish architecture and can be found in Arabic in several places of the school. Visitors prefer to see the 14th century mosaic spread.




One of the most famous mosques in the city of Marrakech and its oldest, dating back to the 12th century and features the minaret at an altitude of 77 meters to be the longest in the city. As it is said that all roads lead to Rome, in Marrakech all lead to this mosque. The mosque was used as a focal point for the road network during the French occupation.





The most popular destination in Marrakech’s main square is Jemaa el Fna Square in the old part of Marrakesh. It is also a well-known international market and has appeared in a large number of films! Here you can buy lemon juice fresh or see people playing snake in front of you! During the day, they are replaced by traditional and charming dances and so on … On both sides of the square there are a number of hotels as well.




Marrakesh is famous for its markets, where you can find everything! The city has 5 main markets, each with a product: one for carpets, another for Moroccan leather products, a third for metal products and a fourth for spices and so many things you will find in the market.

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Are you interested to know more about Morocco, find below the best five books to get inspiration about the Moroccan culture:

1 – Arts and Crafts of Morocco (Arts & Crafts) by James F.Jerreb

arts & crafts of morocco

The price of  the Book on AMAZON:   $36.49

  • One of the best books ever about Morocco, The spectacular arts and crafts of Morocco reflect a timeless mingling of influences from Moorish Spain, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East – all the exotic worlds that once congregated at this crossroads of ancient trading routes.

2- Berber Carpets of Morocco. The Symbols. Origin and Meaning by Bruno Barbatti 

berber carpets of morocco

The price of  the Book on AMAZON: $1,200.00

  • The top artistic quality of Berber carpets has already been a source of inspiration to artists such as Paul Klee and Le Corbusier. This book reveals a new slant on the origins of Berber carpets and on the sources and meanings of its motifs. Genuine Berber carpets are not the successors of well known Oriental carpets dating from the Islamic era but similarities in knotting techniques and certain motifs point to common roots harking back to the Neolithic period in Asia Minor. Because textiles wear out over time and a sequence of carpets across millennia no longer exists to prove the point, it is here that an author, for the very first time, presents the results of some in-depth, comparative research initiatives

3 – Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives by Susan Schaefer Davis 

women artisans of morocco

The price of  the Book on AMAZON: $31.87

  • Morocco: Ancient cities, adobe fortresses of centuries past, fertile plains of wheat and olives, carpets of wildflowers, endless deserts, wild mountains, and isolated rural villages. And of course, the fabled open-air markets framed with stacks of woven rugs and other handicrafts, exotic scents wafting through the aisles, the hum of Arabic, Berber, French. Within this diverse land and confluence of cultures, many rich and ancient craft traditions carry on—women spin and weave, make buttons, embroider designs passed down through generations, and sew stunning native costumes. Women Artisans of Morocco tells the stories of twenty-five women who practice these textile traditions with an inspiring energy, pride, and fortitude. For the first time, we have a book that focuses on the artisans of Morocco themselves, those who produce these beautiful textiles that contribute substantially to their family’s income while maintaining households and raising children.

4- Marrakesh by Design: Decorating with All the Colors, Patterns, and Magic of Morocco by Maryam Montague

marrakech by design

The price of  the Book on AMAZON: $24.95

  • In a world filled with beige interiors, Morocco is the perfect antidote: a refuge for addicts of saturated color, a haven for devotees of intricate pattern, a destination for admirers of striking architecture. For anyone who wants to add Morocco’s spicy design mix into their own home, Maryam Montague, the personality behind the award-winning blog My Marrakesh, explains how to do so with the building blocks of Moroccan design―from the colors, patterns, and textiles to the archways, fountains, gardens, and so much more. With illustrative text and gorgeous photographs, Maryam shows how Moroccan design comes to life in real villas and riads and in her own magnificent home and guesthouse.

5 –Arabesques. Decorative Art in Morocco by Jean Marc Castera


The price of  the Book on AMAZON: $534.85

  • This volume throws light upon an art expression to be found clad in the garments of Moroccan architecture. This work provides keys to the understanding of geometrical arabesques. This art of a rare and precious mastery was elaborated through the determined efforts of generations of anonymous artists.
    A brief historical survey defines the specificity of Islamic art in Morocco. Three principal styles of decorative architecture are studied: calligraphy, floral arabesque, and geometrical arabesque. Illustrations and photographs of some of the most beautiful sites of Morocco (monuments, royal palaces and cities) are a pleasure for the eye.
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