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Choosing the right furniture for the home could be difficult, especially if it is the first time, or if you do not have a clear idea about what type or style you are looking for, the same issue faced Jane when she want to buy a new furniture for her new apartment, we have put together some important advices that WE GIVED to Jane to chose the right furniture form her new apartment: 1 – Area selection
Before selecting the furniture, make sure to select the area, that’s mean you defined each area and know the type and the style of the furniture that will match with it, this is how you know what kind of furniture you looking for without hesitating. 2 – Multi- use furniture
If you have a small house, you may consider buying a Multi-use furniture,  such as a sofa, which can be folded or extended, for example, in such a way that you can sit in the case of your guests, and will be an excellent addition to the small apartments. 3 – Look at the details, functionality and comfort
Checking the precise and technical details of the new furniture, is it easy to clean or hard, whether it changes color if exposed to water or not, and so on, and also be aware of the The quality of the wood, be careful to deceive the appearance of attractive wood, which is often made of bad wood, or materials, as this kind of wood makes the life of furniture very short, and often buy furniture to stay as long as possible at home. 4 – colors
Always choose the colors that will match with the walls, floors, and ceiling of your home, and also put attention to the quality of cloth, and drawings, for example, the walls are suitable for wood fabrics, and so on, because the goal is to feel comfortable and relaxed at your home. 5 – Budget
Your main concerned, maybe your budget,  because it will defined what type of furniture you will buy. If you have a limited budget, you may consider buying a premade furniture, but of you have a good budget, than you can make it by order with the description and the type you prefer.
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