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The house is the Kingdom of Eve Private ..So when we furnishe our house we put our own touches, but when you furnish your home or refurbished, it is not enough just to see the latest designs in the world of furniture and decoration, there are some general rules that must be observed in your home decor may Overlooked by some, leading to spoil the final appearance of the house. In the following lines we will highlight some points that should be noticed when you redecorate your home. When purchasing a new piece of furniture that you do not choose only on the basis of the shape or model, you should consider the space in which it will be placed and the size of the other pieces of furniture that surround it in the same room. Using inconsistent furniture can spoil the appearance.
Not to place the tabloids or wall accessories at a level higher than the level of the eye, in general there is a rule used when hanging any type of art, that the optimum height is about 160 cm above the ground. There should be a consistency between the size of the wall and the piece of accessory used to decorate it. A large panel should not be used on a small wall that completely covers it. In the case of a large wall, a piece covering two thirds of its width should be used. It is important not to exaggerate the use of home accessories, as the use of one piece that match with the decor of the room much better than the use of many inconsistent pieces.
Do not use a single lighting method in all rooms. For example, low or indirect lighting in corners will have a better effect than using strong lighting at all locations. Do not exaggerate the use of plants randomly in the rooms, scattered plants have a random effect some times, so pooling in one corner may give the room beautiful effect. If colors are used, there should be a basic color that occupies 60% of the room’s elements. The rest of the colors will support the original color by the remaining 40%. Hang the curtains at the top of the wall, not as they are usually hung at the window’s borders. In addition to the most beautiful shape, this helps to widen the room. In the case of open rooms on some of them ..must put in consideration the coordination between the furnishings in different rooms, you must choose carpets and fabrics consistent so you can have that comfortable look. When the furniture is placed, try as much as possible to keep entering the light to the house. Sunlight helps to make your home more comfortable.
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